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Good Cat In Screenland - 75 minutes

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Good Cat In Screenland
     Lured by the prospects of redevelopment, two entrepreneurs from the People’s Republic China acquire and manage a nearly bankrupt historic show business hotel in Culver City, California. They soon find themselves at odds over ownership of the hotel and a copper mine in Chile. With elegance and gentle humor, Good Cat In Screenland documents the rebirth of the topsy-turvy Culver Hotel – best known for lodging the Munchkins during the production of MGM’s classic 1938 film The Wizard of Oz.
"This morning I was determined to begin the day on a breakthrough note, and Good Cat in Screenland provided it. I love the quiet honesty of this film's drama. Richard Cohen manages to commemorate a place, fill it with vivid people and make a more personally illuminating sense of the Chinese Revolution than I've ever seen from an American perspective. That's quite a universe to pack into 75 minutes!"

-- F.X. Feeney, Author, 
Orson Welles: Power, Heart and Soul


"This is what the world is like: a harassed Chinese businessman, schooled in the Cultural Revolution, playing traditional music with his wife in a Hotel haunted by show business, above a restaurant named after the 'Munchkins’. And it’s all so tenderly witnessed and retold...intimate”

"Good Cat just gently shows us the events....  You have to form your judgments of Joseph, whose predicaments dominate the film, for yourself. Reading over this essay nothing was more obvious to me than that I made too many judgements of Joseph; the film makes none."
         "On Good Cat In Screenland" essay by
         Ross Macleay, Film North Bank, Bellingen

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"Recommended.  ...a microcosm to explore the difficulties that a Chinese generation brought up under a communist regime faces in adapting to the very different practices of western capitalism...the film can also be simply enjoyed."    
     F. Swietek, VIDEO LIBRARIAN
     Audience: College, Public.       Read complete review

"I highly recommend anyone with an interest in Chinese business, whether in China or the U.S., to watch this film. It is an insightful work into the motives, mindset, pre-occupations, habits, decision-making, etc. of Chinese in business as one might wish. A superb tool for cross-cultural learning...entertaining."
      Richard Kuslan, Editor,



"Richard Cohen has an amazing ability to document the small, day to day
events of the Culver Hotel, while focusing a wider lens on the broader themes
of communism, capitalism, and cultural diversity." 
        Educational Media Reviews Online, Reviewed by Rue McKenzie,
        University of South Florida, Tampa
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Directed, Edited,Written, Produced, Narrated by Richard Cohen

Cinematography by
Baird Bryant
Richard Cohen

Photos of China
courtesy of Carolyn Wendt

A production of Richard Cohen Films
in association with
San Francisco Film Society
and Film Arts Foundation. 
Good Cat In Screenland Copyright 2010 Richard Cohen Films Richard B. Cohen







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Good Cat in Screenland

$39 home video/DVD for personal use
$119 college, university, institution and business with PPR

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